alicia R.Nov 30, 2021
Wesley S.Nov 16, 2021
Great people my recruiter Melissa help me through out the whole hiring process and work on behalf and made sure the hiring process was easy
9timm9Nov 12, 2021
Katie is very professional...I've worked for Wide Effect several times & would definitely do so again! - Tim Downey (contract Safety Pro).
Chris B.Nov 8, 2021
I couldn't be more impressed with Michelle (the lady that helped me). I had been looking for a good paying job for quite some time but was unable to find one close to my area. I had finally had…Read more...
Jacobie R.Nov 5, 2021
Great company with kindhearted who are easy to work with and more than willing to meet you in the middle! I highly recommend you accept the position if one is made to you.
Gabriel B.Oct 14, 2021
As an electrical engineer, I am called on constantly by recruiters. Marc at Wide Effect is who all other recruiters aim to be. He has both vision and follow-through, and was able to pair me up with…Read more...
Tim S.Oct 7, 2021
Never in a million years would I have thought my dream job would be finding people their dream job! The work atmosphere and the drive by each of my peers make it really easy to want to succeed not…Read more...
Melissa T.Sep 30, 2021
I absolutely love working for Wide Effect! Here, I am supported, motivated, and constantly challenged to learn new skills. I would recommend this agency to anyone looking for top recruitment!
Tim P.Sep 29, 2021
If you have the opportunity to work with Michelle you will not be disappointed. I can not begin to describe how grateful i am. if i could give more than 5 stars i would.
Brannon M.Sep 21, 2021
Theoplis A.Sep 19, 2021
Steve R.Sep 15, 2021
Marc and wide effect are the best in the biz
Joe W.Sep 10, 2021
Very professional. Gavin and Lance found me the perfect job!
Paige S.Sep 10, 2021
Michelle is a superstar! If you are in the trades and looking for work this is the place to go. I am confident that Michelle found the best opportunity for me and I could not be more satisfied with…Read more...
Rebecca H.Sep 10, 2021
Wide effect talent solutions is an amazing company to work with, Gavin is exceptionally great at what he does!
Marissa J W.Sep 10, 2021
I had an excellent experience working with the company. If you're searching for work ask for Gavin he's amazing at what he does!
Ted H.Sep 9, 2021
The Best of the Best!
Dawn M.Sep 9, 2021
Michelle truly cares about each one of her clients and matching them with a successful career. Highly recommend using wide effect and personally Michelle.
Chase P.Sep 9, 2021
I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone as she has outstanding people skills, and goes above and beyond all expectations in her line of work. Thanks for all your help Michelle!
Aaron K.Sep 9, 2021
Emma H.Sep 9, 2021
Michelle has proven to be increasingly helpful and tenacious is her ability to help obtain a rewarding and fulling career. Her thorough understanding and knowledge of her job and what I needed helped…Read more...
Tanya J.Sep 9, 2021
Michelle is the best, when it comes to finding that dream job. I have been looking, and have not found what I wanted. Thanks Wife Effect!!
Michael S.Sep 9, 2021
Amazing experience, I have worked with other staffing agencies in the past and Wide Effect is a whole new experience.
Logan W.Sep 8, 2021
A great place to assist in finding you employment. I recommend Michelle as she is very personable and responsive. Thank you again
Shirley H.Sep 8, 2021
I was referred by one of my friends who recently worked with Wide Effect specifically Michelle and had nothing but good things to say. I was stressed out applying and looking for work. Thankfully…Read more...
Maranda S.Sep 4, 2021
I had an amazing experience with this company! Marc was friendly, professional, and super helpful! 100% would recommend!
Lee S.Sep 4, 2021
Quick and detailed service, highly recommended!
SamanthaSep 4, 2021
Brendan D.Sep 3, 2021
Perfect staffing solution in a tough labor market!
Tim P.Sep 3, 2021
Michelle did an amazing job lining up a great job opportunities. Much thanks to you. You are awesome
Spencer J.Sep 2, 2021
Wide effect worked with my pace and helped me get back into my career after a long break. Kris and Morgan were not only professional and direct, but also motivating in a way that helped boost my…Read more...
Nathalie I.Sep 2, 2021
Michelle is great at what she does. Very professional and sweet. She responds in a timely manner and was very helpful.
J W.Sep 1, 2021
Michelle has continued to make transitioning into new careers smooth and stress free for me. She is very thoughtful about what would be the best fit and communicates throughout the process to be sure…Read more...
Jessica Sep 1, 2021
Katie was very professional and was very helpful !
Joshua C.Sep 1, 2021
Katie is a professional and knows the business. She brings the definition of customer service and had top tier strategy and skillset; and always kept me in the loop with clear & concise communication.
Paige B.Sep 1, 2021
Morgan was amazing to work with, always on top of things when it came to keeping in touch with me. I never felt like I wasn’t in good hands with her. World class service!
Kirsten I.Sep 1, 2021
Morgan was a very professional and easy person to work with! Very genuine person who helped me quite a bit
BrianaSep 1, 2021
Michelle was amazing to work with! Very professional! Quick but very efficient. Would recommend to everyone!!
Colt K.Sep 1, 2021
Katie was easy to work with, she has worked construction and knows the business. Highly recommend!
Tracy S.Sep 1, 2021
MORGAN WAS SERIOUSLY THE BEST!!!! She was referred to me by my cousin!!!! Not only was she professional in her work, but so extremely funny too!!!
Rachel R.Sep 1, 2021
I worked with Morgan very closely. Couldn't be more impressed with her professionalism and diligence to help.
John T.Sep 1, 2021
Morgan helped me throughout my entire journey with Wide Effect. She was extremely respectful of my requests and efficient with her work!
Emili jean K.Sep 1, 2021
Michelle was the best recruiter, hands down!
Lillian O.Sep 1, 2021
James K.Sep 1, 2021
I have been in the construction business for over 40 years. Hiring workers can be a nightmare. I highly recommend working with them if you are looking for workers.
Steven K.Sep 1, 2021
Diane K.Sep 1, 2021
Great place to work with. I was struggling to find what I wanted and they were patient and helped me find what I wanted.
Emily P.Sep 1, 2021
Morgan was the absolute best. Definitely recommend Wide Effect in general!
JennaSep 1, 2021
Michelle called me after having my resume posted for quite some time. I wasn't really looking for work but she listened to my wants and needs in an opportunity and I found a job I wasnt looking…Read more...
Josie N.Sep 1, 2021
Highly recommend, great place to work with and for!
Siena T.Sep 1, 2021
Morgan B could not have made this entire process easier! She is so helpful and attentive to your needs, while also adding a sense of humor and fun to your day!
Hawk S.Sep 1, 2021
Call Katie and she will work with you to get you what you need!
Allison D.Sep 1, 2021
Morgan B. was very helpful throughout my entire process!
Ryker S.Sep 1, 2021
If you need a job, call them! They are responsive and will work with you to find what you need.
Ryan Sep 1, 2021
Micheal was awesome. She was on top of it and helped me very efficiently. She was one of the most polite people I've spoken with. Tha k you soo much for this opportunity!
Maverick S.Sep 1, 2021
Great place to work with if you need to hire people. You can tell they care about their employees!
Elliot S.Sep 1, 2021
Highly recommend, 5 stars!
Olivia M.Sep 1, 2021
Morgan was the most personable and professional help I could have asked for!! 10/10 would recommend!
LeahSep 1, 2021
Morgan Brummer is one of the best!! If you are searching, ask for Morgan. She is so helpful and quick to respond. Attentive and finds the best options that will fit your needs. She is a good contact…Read more...
Timothy G.Sep 1, 2021
Morgan was extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. She kept in contact with me throughout the process making the entire thing seamless and easy.
Calvin S.Sep 1, 2021
Awesome place to work with if you need to hire people!
OLIVIA M.Sep 1, 2021
Jonathan B.Sep 1, 2021
Very good communication and always helpful Michelle smillie has been such a great help!
Nikki S.Sep 1, 2021
Very professional to work with. You can tell the people working there enjoy their job and want to help people find what they are looking for in the workforce. Katie K. is very responsive and will…Read more...
Jonathan B.Sep 1, 2021
Marty M.Sep 1, 2021
Rodney G.Sep 1, 2021
Very kind and always check up on me to see how I'm doing
Malik T.Aug 27, 2021
Nothing to complain about.. just a really smooth hiring process
Timothy B.Aug 19, 2021
From the very first phone call everyone has been professional get things done I have been learning alot of new things daily im just loving my experience here and looking towards the next 40 years here
JamesAug 12, 2021
Shanna R.Aug 12, 2021
Everyone that helped me seemed genuinely dedicated to getting me back into the work force. After the hardships of the past year or so it was a pleasure and so effortless to go thru the wide effect…Read more...
Surfer L.Aug 12, 2021
They’re very professional and will do whatever they can to answer any questions you have. Chanci Gadbois, Melissa Tavares, Megan Estabrook, Penny Abbot and Jordan Doughty have all been very helpful…Read more...
Jared M.Aug 12, 2021
Wesley S.Aug 10, 2021
They went out of there way to help me get my issues done. Mrs.Chanci
Zsoelle C.Jul 23, 2021
Wideeffect is amazing !they really work with you no matter where you are located Michelle was an excellent help with my whole hiring process she has always been there for me through out the process…Read more...
Joe P.Jul 23, 2021
Morgan B.Jul 20, 2021
Pleasure to work here, the utmost professionalism and dedication by all employees!
Katie K.Jul 20, 2021
What an amazing company!
scott E.Jul 16, 2021
Chanci was amazing during this whole process. Was always there if needed and provided as much info as she could at anytime. I would recommend her and her team or the team she is on to anyone. They rock!!
Taylor V.Jul 14, 2021
Exceptional staffing company and smooth process! Chanci was extremely helpful and walked me through everything I needed. I would recommend Wide Effect to anyone looking for quality trades staffing.
Devonte G.Jul 14, 2021
My overall experience with what effect Talent Cory, Chanci, Solutions I give it five stars from the recruiter to the management team they were very polite helpful and if I had to do it all over again…Read more...
Martin G.Jul 14, 2021
Chanci was great kept me informed an helped me out with every question or concern I had
Jamar W.Jul 12, 2021
Great company Michelle was extremely helpful during the whole process. Extremely professional responds promptly and was always willing to explain things i had questions about or didn’t understand.
Cyndi B.Jul 8, 2021
Great company to work with and Morgan really goes above and beyond. Her professionalism and attitude make it a pleasure to do business with Wide Effect!
J L.Jul 8, 2021
Exceptional through and through. I was contacted by Jamison to see if I was interested in a position. Not just any position. Jamison was pinpoint accurate and matched me to an opportunity that is…Read more...
Noel I.Jul 7, 2021
Marc was excellent! The interviewing process is never easy, but Marc made the process as quick and painless as possible. He made me feel important and valuable. I truly feel I have been matched…Read more...
Joseph B.Jul 7, 2021
After losing my job from COVID, Wide Effect saved me and found me a great job. Michelle was very helpful and sweet. Very thankful.
Laz D.Jul 7, 2021
Michelle Smiley very professional 🙂
Stoney C.Jul 6, 2021
Other recruitment firm are helpful, no question. Wide Effect are a cut above and several steps ahead. What usually takes about 10 days for a first interview (in my field anywY), Anthony and…Read more...
Alexander V.Jun 25, 2021
They were truly with me every step of the way and kept me up to date on everything. Chanci and Corey were both on top of everything. Best part is that when I had concerns, they always listened and…Read more...
brian M.Jun 21, 2021
Absolutely top notch company. Very helpful and see you through to the end and more. If you want a great career with great support this is the company hands down.
Aaron S.Jun 10, 2021
Superb company to work for. Michelle has always gone above and beyond with any questions or concerns. If I could stay contracting where I'm at under them I would retire with wide effect. They landed me my dream job.
Juan M.May 30, 2021
I can’t thank Michelle enough for helping me find a position that offers stable work. I’ve been doing contract my entire career and Wide Effect helped change that. It’s been great. Thx again
Nicole F.May 28, 2021
Michelle reached out to me recently and was the most efficient, professional, and informative, not to mention genuine, recruiter I've spoke with in my 8 years in the construction industry. I spoke…Read more...
steven C.May 27, 2021
Great experience hard working professionals that work diligently to get you work.
Hector Gonzalez 3.May 27, 2021
Chanci is a rock star . Was always available and helped out so much.
Its bonus time for her. Thank you !!!!!!
Juan May 26, 2021
Amazing company to work for.
Bridge B.May 26, 2021
The people of Wide Effects Talent Solutions Inc. Are just what they name said I have been effected widely by the recruiting team i met and Jacksonville Florida. And the team who worked so hard and…Read more...
Anthony A.May 26, 2021
Wide Effect is the best company I have ever worked for and would refer anyone to them!!!
Stacey P.May 20, 2021
It's been great working with Michelle at Wide Effect. From the first call to my first day she stayed in contact and answered all my questions. She was nothing short of professional, prompt and polite! Thank you!
Chanci G.May 19, 2021
Talented group of people who constantly strive to exceed the expectations set by the client!
Cole F.May 19, 2021
My experience with wide effects has been great. The team I'm working with are great at what they do. They have been outstanding and I am glad I have been going thru this process with them.
Scott D.May 18, 2021
Michelle reached out to me after seeing my resume online about a job that she thought might be a good fit for me. I spoke with her for about 30 minutes or so, throughout the conversation she was very…Read more...
Isaak S.May 17, 2021
I am very grateful to Michelle Smillie at Wide Effect for helping me along a new career path!
Michelle S.May 17, 2021
It's been a pleasure matching talent with opportunity! Such an honor working here at Wide Effect.
David S.May 17, 2021
I worked with Michelle, she is the nicest most helpful recruiting agent ive ever had. Ive been in big industry chasing turnarounds for almost 10 years. . By far the best . great experience and would…Read more...
Junior O.May 16, 2021
Love this people ! Always there to help you with every question. Michelle and chanci thank you guys for everything.
Noah M.May 14, 2021
Staff at wide effect is very professional, especially Michelle they do everything in their power to place you right away I highly recommend the agency
Nicholas G.May 14, 2021
Michelle was a great help and did everything she could in order to assist me with the hiring process for the job I applied for.
James K.May 5, 2021
Had a great experience from the moment I called to the moment I was hired. I absolutely will recommend to anyone looking to find a job.
jaxom V.Apr 28, 2021
These guys know where you truly belong working. Found me the dream job i didnt know i wanted, where i am paid what im worth.

Thank you gavin for all your help.
Benjamin H.Apr 19, 2021
Awesome ppl!!!!
Raegyn P.Feb 26, 2021
By far the best Staffing Firm I've worked with. They truly listen to not only what you are looking for but also what is the best fit for your home/family life as well. I have built a great…Read more...
Erika T.Feb 25, 2021
Honored to work for Wide Effect!
Gavin C.Feb 25, 2021
Has been the best working experience of my life!
Ashley Z.Feb 25, 2021
Always a positive atmosphere and very professional. Michelle is great to work with! Always extremely helpful with everything!
Patricia O.Feb 25, 2021
The team at Wide Effect is awesome. Michelle is very personable and was great to work with. If your looking for a quality position, this is your place!
oRealioFeb 24, 2021
Great company to work with, helped me get to a spot that I am proud of today. Couldn't be more grateful.
Cory S.Feb 24, 2021
Great team of professionals that are ready to place you into your next opportunity!
Hunter B.Feb 22, 2021